Windows Server 2003 End of Life Arrives

For businesses still running Windows Server 2003, time has officially run out: today – July 14th, 2015 – Microsoft formally ended all support, update and security patching programs related to the once omnipresent server solution. As a result, instances of Server 2003 that have not been replaced or upgraded are now wide-open to security threats from all corners of the Internet. The fixes and updates that users have relied on to close critical security gaps and vulnerabilities as they’re discovered will no longer be built, distributed or applied.

Still running Windows Server 2003? NSG can help!

As a Certified Microsoft Partner with nearly 20 years of networking experience, NSG is the perfect partner to migrate your server to a secure and supported operating system. We can put your server data into an on-premise server, host it in the cloud or create a hybrid solution that combines the strengths of both options.

And we can get you migrated with virtually zero downtime.

No matter which migration option you choose, with NSG, you’ll have the information and guidance you want, so you’ll know it’s the best decision for your future.

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of migrating your Windows Server 2003 system. Contact NSG today at (615) 577-4390 or [email protected] and we’ll work with you to create a roadmap that fits your business and technology goals!

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