What Does Your Website Do For You?

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It’s 2017, and according to Google over 50% of all searches are being done on a smartphone. This means that out of the thousands of people that visit your website every day, half of them are doing so on a small phone. This is actually great news for you, this means people are always browsing the web. At the doctor’s office, at dinner, and over coffee. People are doing their browsing when they have a few minutes in the day.  They could be buying your product or services instead of waiting around on their current provider.

Websites are constantly being refreshed and reimagined with a fresh new design in mind. This sounds frustrating because in the beginning a website design could last you for a long time, but now they change every two years. The thing is, it works. Studies have shown a fresh website design converts more customers in today’s age. A mobile friendly, simple to navigate website is the current theme, and this is the direction everything will be going for the foreseeable future.

Now, with half of the visitors to your site on a phone, I bet you’re thinking “What does my website look like on a phone?” We be it looks great! If you don’t think it doesn’t, give us a call, Network Solutions Group would be happy to help your website be mobile friendly and have a fresh new look.

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