URGENT ALERT – Unistall QuickTime for Windows

NSG is putting out the word that everyone should uninstall QuickTime for Windows as soon as possible.

Apple is deprecating QuickTime for Microsoft Windows, and they will no longer be issuing security updates for the product on the Windows Platform.

Since Apple is no longer providing security updates for QuickTime on Windows, the vulnerabilities are never going to be patched.

The only way to properly protect your Windows systems from potential attacks against these or other vulnerabilities in Apple QuickTime now is to uninstall it.

QuickTime for Windows now joins Windows XP and Oracle Java 6 as software that is no longer being updated to fix vulnerabilities and subject to ever increasing risk as more and more unpatched vulnerabilities are found affecting it.

If you would like to learn more about why uninstalling QuickTime for Windows is necessary, or would like NSG to assist you in the process…please contact NSG at 615-577-4390 or via email at [email protected].

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