Two Factor Authentication and Your Business

Two Factor Authentication, a common phrase that is making its rise in the technological news circles rapidly in 2017. So, what is two factor authentication? The short version, it’s a combination of two authentication factors. One being a knowledge factor, this is usually a PIN code or a password that we expect users to memorize. The other factor is commonly a possession factor. USB fobs and smartphones are the most common possession factors used today. While technically two factor authentication can be utilized with biometrics, passwords, smartphones, and much more; the most simplistic setup is a password and a smartphone authenticator app.

 Two factor authentication is an instrumental configuration in keeping the threats from ever breaching a user facing system. Phishing passwords is no longer enough to break through closely guarded systems. Enabling two factor makes certain only the user with the both security factors, usually knowledge and possession, have access to their systems.
The good news, two factor authentication is no longer this expensive system with clumsy configurations. Thanks to smartphones and NSG’s ability to implement a quick and affordable solution, our clients can have another layer to protect their valuable data from would be attackers. NSG uses two factor authentication internally and we have perfected its use in real world environments. If you’re interested in setting up two factor authentication in your business or just have questions please reach out to our solution center. 

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