Three Costly Mistakes Businesses Make In The Cloud

You’d have to look back to the dawn of email to find an innovation in business technology with the kind of momentum we’re seeing in Cloud services today. Companies ranging from one employee to the tens of thousands are investing in The Cloud’s promise of decentralized backups, reduced hardware upkeep and hosted solutions.

However, in the rush to implement a Cloud service, your company could be overlooking a few critical steps that almost always lead to inflated costs and disappointing performance.

Drumroll please:

  1. Understand where your money is going: Implementing a cloud solution will almost always require an outside partner, but the best partners are quick to give you direct access to the cloud vendor’s pricing. It’s the only way to prevent exorbitant mark-ups that will cost you in the long run.
  2. Application Optimization: Moving from a physical platform to the cloud should improve the productivity of your applications, but without proper optimization some applications will work at a much slower and less reliable rate.
  3. Provision. Monitor. Provision. Repeat: By far, the most common and costly mistake we see companies make with their cloud solution is improperly allocating storage on the front-end, then failing to identify the issue. By monitoring how your company is using the cloud, you will have intelligence that allows your firm to re-provision accordingly which help control costs and boost performance.

The Cloud is rapidly changing the face of business for the better, but getting the most out of your Cloud solution can be incredibly complex… unless you have NSG in your corner. Our experts can design, deploy and optimize a Cloud network that fits your unique business, so you can focus on what really counts: your clients and customers.

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