“That really happened in Nashville?”

Let’s take a break this month from the all the technology talk and take a look at some unknown facts about our great city of Nashville. Whether you are a Nashville native or have migrated here over the years, there are some pretty interesting facts about this city that are completely unexpected. Did you know it’s illegal to keep a cheetah as a pet in Nashville? If you could even catch one of course.

Let’s look at 10 other pieces of trivia about Nashville. 

 1. In 1928 blind Vanderbilt University student Morris Frank decided to look into a rumor about using seeing-eye dogs as guides. He brought the very first dog back to the U.S. and started The Seeing Eye Inc. in Nashville.

2. It’s safe to say Nashvillians are somewhat obsessed with the Grand Ole Opry. So much so that it’s rumored the famous Nashville candy the GooGoo (G for Grand, O for Ole, O for Opry) stands for the city’s claim to fame.facts-nashville-13

3. Inside the Nashville Parthenon there is a statue of Athena Parthenos standing at 42-feet-tall. She is the largest indoor statue in the Western Hemisphere… Nothing says Nashville like some Greek mythology, right?

4. On Music Row, there is still a string of red, blue, and green lights at RCA Studio B from when Elvis couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit while recording his Christmas album, so they put up some lights, and left them.

5. Printer’s Alley was speakin’ easy during prohibition as many of the printers started bootlegging in the basements. Even though alcohol was legalized shortly thereafter, these bars are still there today.

6. On an average 1950s day, WSM radio announcer David Cobb called Nashville “Music City” and changed their image in history forever.

7. Who knew Theodore Roosevelt was a copywriter? Not exactly, but he did proclaim the local coffee, Maxwell House Coffee, to be “good to the last drop.”

8. There used to be a “Nashville Curse.” It started in the ’80s when a band you’ve probably never heard of (because you know, curse) called Jason & the Nashville Scorchers, removed “Nashville” from their name. The Rock gods frowned on this and no Nashville rock band sold a million records until Paramore broke it with their second album “Riot!” in 2007.

9. On Christmas Eve 1779, this famous city was founded.

10. Oprah Winfrey’s path to pop culture world domination started in Nashville TV when she became the first female and African American news anchor while attending Tennessee State University. 

You can find these facts and many more online at movoto.com.

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