Protect Your Credit Info, Because Stores Can’t Do It For You


Watching the news these days, you have to wonder if there is a credit or debit card account left that hasn’t been hacked! While Target’s massive data breach drew media attention and customer outrage in late 2013, retailers ranging from Neiman Marcus to Michael’s Arts and Crafts have been forced to admit that they too have failed to protect the payment information of their customers.

With well over 100 million credit and debit cards compromised in the past four months alone, many financial institutions have begun alerting their account holders of potential security concerns. If you’ve already received a replacement card, consider yourself lucky.

Still, that’s just the beginning. NSG’s Cyber Security experts have a few simple steps you can take today to protect your information:

  • Be on guard: Criminals may have your credit information, but they’ll want more information to exploit you further. Expect to get fraudulent phone calls, emails and letters in the mail asking for your personal information or telling you to click links and fill out forms. DO NOT DO THIS; when in doubt go directly to the source.
  • Make the call: Don’t wait for Target, your bank, or credit card company to act. Go ahead and call them first! Target already has a hotline setup (1-866-852-8680) for those that are worried about unauthorized activity on their accounts, and many other breached companies will be following their example.
  • Sign Up For Fraud Monitoring: There are numerous available services that track and monitor your accounts for fraudulent activity. They can alert you to credit inquiries and attempts to open new lines of credit before the thieves have a chance to cash in.
  • Cover Your Tracks: Take a look at the sites of the items that you purchase online. If they store your credit card information, remove it immediately.

Cyber criminals will continue to find new ways to penetrate the world’s most sophisticated security measures as long as there is money to be stolen, but taking these steps can help limit your exposure. Just a few quick and simple proactive steps can create enough hoops for these criminals to decide it’s not worth the time, and move on to the next account on their list.
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