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With the rise of mobile technologies between smartphones and tablets alike, one thing is for certain. Working from the coffee shop, home, and anywhere but the office, is here to stay. Here at Network Solutions Group we value your data security, business productivity, and efficiency.  We are a high speed, efficient, and resourceful company, and we want our clients to operate the same way.

Mobile devices in the workplace account for over half of the devices used in today’s businesses. This shift in the workplace also requires a shift in technology. While our smartphones and laptops are excellent tools, without the proper security they can be big weaknesses for company security. We have found most companies do not manage their mobile devices outside of the email that is placed on them. Network Solutions Group recommends all mobile devices be managed with a company policy. This helps prevent data leaks when devices are stolen, and it has been proven to help recover stolen items after they have been lost.

Managing devices through a company policy can help secure the devices and encrypt all the data on the mobile devices. Compliances are already requiring laptops to be encrypted in the event of mobile devices loss to avoid data leak. It will not be long before smartphones and tablets will be held to the same standard. We are already seeing the industry move towards requiring devices to be automatically wiped after a number of failed login attempts.

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