Wireless Networks

WiFi in the workplace involves more than just an Internet connection and a router from a big box retailer. With NSG Wireless we create a reliable, secure network that’s unique to the way you do business.
For Your Office
Saturate Your Office With Secure, Reliable High-Speed WiFi
What you get
We’ll configure and optimize the appliance, then work directly with you to implement policies and safety checks that keep your business safe, connected and productive. Why? Because your network belongs to you, not the company across the hall.
For Your Building
Custom WiFi for Every Nook of Your Site
What you get
Comes with a team of network experts who bring decades of experience to properly assess and document the unique build of the physical space. Then we design a wireless network plan that connects your team securely and reliably, 24/7. We ensure that you’re getting every cent of value and performance out of your wireless network. It’s just what we do.
For Your Complete Campus
Outdoor and Multi-Building Wireless Networks
What you get
Empowers you to transform the acreage, density and security of your campus into a long-term asset for growth. Also includes dynamic control features that partition network access and provides each level with unique security protocols for strictly delegated access.

All wireless networks are not made equal, but every wireless network is made better with NSG.

What works for a home, school or coffee shop probably isn’t fast, secure or reliable enough to keep up with the speed of your business. NSG begins every wireless notwork with a thorough analysis of your goals and physical environment, then we work like mad scientists in our lab to create a powerful network design that saturates every square inch of your target area with lightning-fast, ultra-secure WiFi.

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