Project Management

If you’re around technology long enough, eventually you realize that it’s all broken out of the box. NSG Project Management maximizes your technology investment by ensuring you get the results you were promised, often with zero downtime during implementation.
Comprehensive Project Management
Once engaged, our Project Management Team is your one point of contact. We take control of all other vendor interactions so that you aren’t being distracted or interrupted with questions our experts can answer.
What you get
Our project managers are evaluated based upon your personal satisfaction with the process, and nothing else. We won’t stop until you’re happy and productive.
Supplemental Project Management
Have your own excellent IT staff, but need expertise in a highly specialized area? NSG Project Management has you covered!
What you get
Our team is built around incredible technologists with a wide variety of certifications and real world experience. For over 15 years we’ve been trusted advisors for small, medium and Enterprise businesses on projects in nearly every avenue of technology. Our model allows us to put hard-to-find experts in your corner for a fraction of the cost involved in hiring a dedicated internal resource.
Our Projects
If it looks, acts or smells like business technology, we're the experts in putting it to work for you!
What we do
Voice Phone Systems • Server Networks • Cloud Networks • Wireless Networks • Multi-location networks • New User Workstation Set-up • Application Deployment • Web Development • Backup and Disaster Recovery • Microsoft Multi-Point Classrooms • Conference Room Technology • New office technology infrastructure • Moving technology to a new company facility • New company acquisition/merger technology assessment and guidance • Many more!

NSG covers every detail – large and small – so you can focus on your business.

With Project Management by the NSG team, we’ll operate as the single point of contact for every vendor involved in your project. Ensuring that your business is operating without interruption is our top priority, and we don’t stop until your solution is working exactly as promised.

Even more reasons to become an NSG Project Management customer.

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