Office Automation

Technology is supposed to make your day easier, not more complicated. So why are you spending hours each week trying to get computers, printers, scanners, software and phones to work together like they should?
Email Signature Management
Take the guesswork and formatting errors out of your organization’s email signatures with our centralized signature management solution.
What you get
Auto-populates a user-specific signature format (complete with logos, user title, contact information, targeted messaging and more) from Active Directory into every single email sent by a member of your team. The result is a consistent, professional email signature that eliminates variations and mistakes with every message. Even if a user changes the signature on one email, the next email will revert to the pre-determined template.
Custom Application and Macros
We design custom solutions that can transform pesky office tasks into a single-click solution.
What you get
Whether it’s printing, faxing, formatting or anything you can imagine, NSG will analyze the specific task you want to improve, and design a solution that fits the way you work! The result is fewer headaches, better use of resources and more time to focus on what really matters: making clients happy!
Legal Desktop Automation
Break the inefficient cycles that cost you time and money every day. With nearly two decades of experience optimizing and supporting Nashville’s most recognizable law firms, NSG offers a deep portfolio of software, macros and automation solutions that will revolutionize your productivity and profitability.
What you get
Some of our most popular Legal Desktop Automation projects include: • Document Management • Document Comparison • Paperless workflows • Macros for printing, letterhead and document formatting • Email automation • Much more!

Automation makes everything easier.

NSG has nearly two decades of experience automating key office tasks for law firms, accounting practices and nearly any other professional services office to improve profitability and productivity. By automating key document and resource allocation processes, your team can reduce errors and variables that take their focus off the clients.

Even more reasons to become an NSG Office Automation customer.

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