Backup and Disaster Recovery

At some point in the life of your business, a disaster will happen. Regardless of the cause of the disaster, getting your business-critical data and connectivity back before it’s too late requires planning, testing and the right partner. That’s what you get with NSG Backup and Disaster Recovery.
Dominate Your RPO, RTO and Continuity Goals
What you get
In the event of a network outage, we’ll be able to instantly spin-up an off-site version of your network with minimal interruption to your workflow. Instead of just pulling up raw, data, you’ll have full functionality of your company’s applications and tools.
Custom Mix of On-Site and Cloud DR Protocols
What you get
NSG partners with you to create a customized backup and DR solution that copies, transmits and stores your data in a secure off-site data center. When needed, we can spin-up and launch a complete copy of your data to ensure that your downtime is as short as possible. We also test, validate and optimize your backups on a weekly basis, so you can be sure that it’s ready to hit the ground running the moment you need it.
Critical Security and Continuity for Any Small Business
What you get
Our entry level Backup and DR solution protects your data with regular backups and testing, which means you can be confident in the data that will be restored once it’s needed.

The difference between an incident and a disaster is preparation.

Planning, testing and validation are the backbone of every level of our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Simply putting a solution in place isn’t enough: that’s why we make sure every month that our clients are protected by a process that actually works in the real world, not just on paper.

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