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With the recent WannaCrypt infection many organizations found themselves scrambling to get their systems in line fast enough to get the proper security measures in place. NSG’s clients were protected from this specific attack on two separate fronts before the windows patch was released. Two of our primary security measures made a big difference in stopping this threat before it could start, Cylance & Sonicwall. We mention this because those are two of the primary solutions NSG deploys to protect our clients network and interests and both of those organizations performed at a high level to provide a proactive solution to this outbreak. With security being on the minds of business owners this month, we wanted to reach out and mention NSG’s Standards.

   NSG prides itself on delivering our clients the most secure networks possible. The key components include:

  • Perimeter Firewall protection
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence Antivirus Protection
  • Email protection and Continuity
  • Managed Server and Workstation monitoring and patching
  • User Account and Remote access protection
  • Mobile Device Protection

We could go on and bore you with the technical details of each individual category and why we have put those standards in place. Instead we are letting you our customers know that security and protection from viral infections like Wannacry released last week must be managed through a multi-tear solution.  There is no “one fix” or solution that can solve for these sophisticated attacks.  Through ongoing diligence and continually looking for new and better ways to protect and manage your technology NSG is always here and always moving.

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