NSG Employee Spotlight: Tangela Love


As NSG continues to grow and promote individuals within our organization, we have the pleasure of adding new resources to our team. The newest addition to the NSG family is Nashville native, Tangela Love. Tangela was a Spanish major at Middle Tennessee State University before taking a great job at HCA. After a short stint in the corporate world, Tangela decided she wanted to be in management. She most recently stepped down as the Office Manager of Peoples Home Equity to become the Administrative Coordinator at NSG. Tangela is extremely organized, hardworking, and brings a commitment to excellence to our organization.

Outside of work you’re likely to find Tangela with a novel or a six string in her hand. Tangela is very passionate about her faith and strives to show love, compassion, and respect to everyone she encounters. When asked what impact she plans to have on NSG in the months and years to come she stated, “My focus is on the here and now. I hope to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and make an instant impact by enabling people to clear off their plates by giving me responsibilities that free them to focus on growing our business.”

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