New Employee Spotlight


NSG would like to welcome to the team CJ Dela Cruz. CJ is one of our systems engineers. If you haven’t seen him yet you’re missing out on this modern day renascence man. The list of things CJ is bad at is the shorter list to read. He is an excellent photographer, a DJ, bartender, drone pilot, and you see my point? When CJ was a child he wanted to be in Law Enforcement, now he is enforcing the security of our clients’ networks.

CJ is the proud father of two boys, one twelve and the other ten. He is a family man among his other talents. He has been working in IT for over a decade and if it takes 10,000 hours to be a master, he’s done that twice over by now. CJ is from San Francisco California and has a degree in Network Communication Management. When you do get to meet CJ, welcome him into the fold of the NSG family, then ask him what his DJ name is. You won’t be disappointed by his answer.

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