Nashville’s first and only Dell Certified Data Protection technology provider.

Long time Nashville technology pillar is only IT Company in the city to obtain Dell Certification in Data Protection.

Sept. 16, 2013 – NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The importance of data storage and safekeeping has never been more apparent than today. People understand the value and the need to keep all of their online data secure, and NSG is seeking even better ways to ensure it stays that way.

“We provide our clients with top tier personal service, but we are only able to do that because those clients trust us to be the expert on what the market has to offer that will both increase their efficiency and preserve their margin” says company President Matt Chambers. “When we began pursuing our certification in Data Protection, we recognized it was a chance to meet a need here in Nashville. We are the company who is leading the technology movement in Nashville toward safer and more secure data protection options.”
Certification in Data Security requires a minimum of four individuals completing eight courses that fine tune their existing expertise to the cutting edge of the industry. NSG views this as an investment in both their current and future clients, who they believe deserve to have the best Data Protection available anywhere.

NSG is a Nashville-based technology provider that delivers custom solutions tailored specifically to each client. All the tech speak stays in house, and the standard is to monitor services so diligently that problems are resolved before the client ever knows they happened. NSG also offers boutique creative services, including advertising, web and graphic design.

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