Microsoft to Drop Internet Explorer with Upcoming Windows 10 Release?

When news broke in late 2014 that Microsoft’s much anticipated release of Windows 10 would feature a new web browser (currently named Spartan), the tech giant was quick to assure customers that Internet Explorer (IE) wasn’t going anywhere.

Well, so much for that.

At last week’s Microsoft Convergence event it was revealed that Spartan will be the default browser for all editions of Windows 10, and hinted that the home version of the new operating system may not ship with IE at all. Enterprise and business editions of Windows 10 are set to include IE to help prevent complex integration and compatibility issues that would inevitably follow such a hard shift in platforms.

Microsoft is developing their IE replacement to be a faster, lighter and more secure solution that scales for smartphones, tablets and PCs. It’s certainly a bold move, but only time will tell if it’s enough to win back the millions of users who have adopted Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers.

A Browser by Any Other Name…

As part of this shift, Microsoft is currently evaluating the final name and logo to replace Spartan. Because we love to help our partners over at Microsoft in any way we can, the NSG staff was happy to chime in with a few suggestions on the new browser name!

“Spartan fits it perfectly. The Spartans were a powerhouse empire that ruled much of the known world in their time… they just better hope Google doesn’t call their next browser Thebes!”

– Lyndsay Machado, Accounts Coordinator (and history buff)


– Jason Cross, Technical Analyst (and noted Francophile)

“Udo. It’s an old Teutonic name that meant virtuous and happy to serve others… and it’s also a healthy vegetable for salads and soups!”

– Benjamin Scott, Director of Marketing (and married to a vegetarian)

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