HTTP/2 Set To Take The Internet to 11

A little noticed update to a fundamental Internet protocol is set to crank the load speeds and performance of millions of websites all the way to 11.

According to a recent announcement by a key Internet Engineering Task Force steering group, the ubiquitous Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard that’s operated essentially untouched since the early days of the Internet is not ready for a next-gen update, named HTTP/2.

The upgrade to HTTP/2 promises drastic improvements in load times, security and bandwidth distribution across the entire infrastructure of the Internet. It’s also built specifically with mobile browsing in mind, which is pretty smart since smartphones and tablets account for well over 50% of all Internet traffic.

All that’s required are updates to standard processes within the world’s most popular browsers and web/DNS hosts. There’s nothing for end-users to do but enjoy the benefits!

Adoption of the new HTTP/2 standard got a huge boost this week with announcement that Cloudflare, one of the largest Internet infrastructure companies in the world, has transitioned millions of the websites they host to the HTTP/2 standard. Combined with quieter moves towards adoption by Chrome, Firefox and other web browsers over the past 10 months, Cloudflare’s announcement should be a tipping point that forces the industry as a whole to accelerate HTTP/2 adoption.

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