Being Green, and What It Could Mean for Your Business

Last weekend was the host to Earth day, and this year it has been on people’s minds more than ever. Being green is no longer some far off thought, or a buzz word to be ignored in the mist of marketing ploys. It comes with real advantages and long term benefits for your businesses. Before we talk about the benefits let’s talk about the top five companies that chose to be green in 2016.

1 88.10% Hasbro Inc UNITED STATES Consumer Discretionary
2 81.90% NIKE Inc UNITED STATES Consumer Discretionary
3 80.70% Hershey Co UNITED STATES Consumer Discretionary
4 78.80% NVIDIA Corp UNITED STATES Information Technology
5 78.70% Biogen Inc UNITED STATES Health Care

The above statistics were gathered by Newsweek; these are the top five from the five hundred companies that were assessed in 2016. These corporate titans have shown that at any size being more green can be accomplished. These corporations have made the initiative to help minimize their own impact on the world as well as take advantage of all the benefits in conjunction with being green. So what are those benefits?

Public Relations

The first and most obvious is the good PR that comes with going green in this time and society. The public wants companies to be more green, the average person in America expects companies to make every effort in being as green as possible. While you’re going green tell everyone, add it to your marketing campaign. Tweet about it, post on your Facebook feed, and invite other companies to join you in your march to the green zone. There are also places to donate

Cost Savings

Companies focusing on energy efficiency and a greener initiative not only benefit from PR but there are real cost savings to be had. According to DuPont, chemical manufacturer, saved over $3 billion dollars reducing carbon emissions. The smaller businesses can save on electric costs by turning off unused lights and turning off office appliances. The cost savings add up over time. It is the long run savings that we should be aiming for.

Tax Credits

In 2009 the government provided tax breaks and incentives for companies to go green. Tax credits are available to companies that practice being environmentally friendly in their business. Switching to renewable energy like solar power or hybrid vehicles, LED light bulbs and more are just a few ways your business can begin saving. Speak to your accountant to see how your business can qualify for tax credits.

Healthier Workplace

Finally, the last benefit we will mention is promoting a healthier workplace in general. Water filtration systems and fresh fruit are small ways you can be a cleaner, more green workplace. Studies have shown that practicing healthier habits as a company can reduce sick days, common illnesses, and with that less spent on healthcare by the company. Workers that are healthier are prone to working harder in a shorter amount of time and have less trouble focusing.

No matter what way your business chooses to go green, it can be beneficial. Why is NSG telling you this? Because being green goes hand in hand with technology, and we take pride in keeping our clients informed in all aspects of technology.

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