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If I had to use one word to define 2015 for NSG, I would say that it was the year of change. We had some changes in personnel as we added to our staff. We made some positive changes to our internal policies and procedures to improve our culture, and since we use a best of breed mentality for our third party vendors – we experienced change as we developed new partnerships.

One thing that hasn’t changed at NSG, is our ability to manage change. For over 17 years, I’ve told my staff that NSG is not in the business of managing people. We manage technology. This motto derived from the idea that we employ self-starters that will take initiative and solve problems without being micro-managed. In a recent interview, I was asked a question that made me re-think my motto. I was asked, “Did you become middle Tennessee’s preferred provider for IT support and services because of your customer service or quality of service?” The truth is that while we have a great team of IT experts and provide best-in-class IT solutions and services, I attribute our success to our ability to manage change. NSG doesn’t manage technology, we help our clients leverage changes in technology functions and capabilities to enhance productivity and increase their profitability.

We are having a great start to 2016. We have seen a large influx of IT projects, with the majority themed around providing secure and reliable mobility solutions to empower businesses to work from anywhere at any time as if they were at the office. Without proper planning and management platforms, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile strategies can often turn into “Bring Your Own Disaster.”

NSG serves as a complete outsourced solution for IT management and website design, supplemental or escalated IT support for businesses with internal IT staff, or simply a partner to call when you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure or attack an IT project. Simply put, if your business relies on technology to generate revenue – NSG wants to meet with you.

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