Four Apple iOS 9 Features We Love

Today marks the launch of Apple’s latest iPhones – the 6s and 6s Plus – but earlier this week Apple pushed the latest update to their mobile operating system, iOS. Version 9 comes packed with new tweaks and features that the NSG team has been beta testing for a few months now, and here are a couple that you should be taking advantage of immediately!

  • Low Battery Mode: If you’re like a lot of our engineers, that battery life indicator in the upper right corner of your iPhone screen can be your worst enemy. iOS 9 has added a ‘Low Battery Mode’ that trims the fat on key battery draining features of the iPhone to help you squeeze every minute possible out of your battery. This was the first feature we fell in love with, and continues to be perhaps the most critical functional addition to iOS 9.
  • “Maybe” is Calling: ‘To answer this call from an unknown number, or not to answer?’ That is the true modern philosophical dilemma. Lucky for us, Apple has integrated a new feature that could at least make this question a little less common: Now, your phone will scan through your email looking for a match to incoming calls, and gives you any possible match it finds. While it’s not a silver bullet, this feature is an amazing way to know if that mysterious call is coming from an exciting business prospect, or the organizer of your class reunion you’re trying to avoid!
  • Draw Your Notes: While most of us have already locked-in with Evernote or Microsoft OneNote, the standard Notes app in iOS 9 now features the handy ability to draw! This small change makes Notes infinitely more functional, especially when you’re noting sizes, dimensions, etc.
  • Supercharged Siri: Apple’s voice command companion got a big boost in intelligence this week, which allows it to make much more detailed requests when pulling data from your iCloud or phone.

What iOS9 feature update are you enjoying the most? Share it on our LinkedIn page to keep the conversation going!

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