Cryptowall 4.0 Being Delivered via Infected Resumes

It’s been nearly two weeks since the fourth iteration of Cryptowall – the world’s most dangerous and effective version of ransomware – began infecting computers around the world, and we’ve already learned a lot about its attack vectors. One of the most successful methods of attack so far focuses on infected Word and PDF files designed to look like resumes or job applications.

NSG’s multi-layered Network Security solution has already been updated to significantly reduce the possibility of a malicious file making onto your network, but education is the best way to any network safe. If you encounter a suspicious file or attachment, we encourage you to call NSG at (615) 577-4390 or email us immediately. Our experts can inspect the file remotely to ensure your network isn’t held hostage.

Just in case you’re curious, below is a common example of the screen you’ll see once a version of Cryptowall 4.0 takes control of your computer or network:

Screen shot


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