Business Continuity: RTO Speedwagon

Part 1 of 4

Welcome to the first chapter in NSG’s 4 part series on Business Continuity. In this series we’ll define and discuss several core concepts that play a part in Business Continuity, and how new technology can protect your performance and profitability in the event of a disaster.

Q: If your company’s network suffered an extended disaster scenario – something on par with a flood, fire, tornado, power grid collapse, etc. – how long would it take to be back up and able to resume business, and how much data would you lose?

If you’re like many companies operating today, you probably have no serious way to estimate when you could be back in business or how much data you would lose. Sadly, if you’re like many small or young companies, you might not even know what metric to use when gauging your vulnerability.

While your measurements will be specific to your industry and technology environment, two numbers are going to tell the story of your network’s disaster recovery preparedness: Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

So what exactly are RTO and RPO?

  • RPO: The measure of how much data your company can stand to lose in a disaster scenario. This metric is used to schedule the frequency of your backups, which would determine the amount of work lost in a catastrophic disaster.
  • RTO: The length of time your business can survive a catastrophic network outage. Time is money, and every minute your network is unable to work represents a further loss of revenue, integrity and stability.

Each company examining its business continuity should work closely with experts in Backup and Disaster recovery to create target RPO and RTO goals based on their technology environment. RPO and RTO targets can help ensure you’re putting in place a Business Continuity solution that can handle the workload when you need it.


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