As Server 2003 Sunset Looms, Microsoft Changes Support for Windows 7

Despite still dealing with blowback from the end of support for Windows XP, Microsoft has announced that its popular Windows 7 operating system will transition to extended support effective January 13, 2015. While most users won’t notice significant changes, and Microsoft will continue to issue security updates through 2020, this transition shouldn’t be ignored.

By moving the five-year old operating platform to extended support, Microsoft is effectively saying they will no longer issue updates aimed at fixing bugs that may affect performance. Business customers will have the option to pay for specific bug fixes, but the costs make such requests a non-factor for the vast majority of Windows 7 users.

Users slow to move to Windows 8

While the move to extended support follows the usual lifecycle for Microsoft’s operating systems, it’ll be interesting to track how Windows users react: Windows 8 has been slow to gain a foothold in the marketplace, and most home and business users continue to resist the transition. Given the radical change in the home screen interface, as well as the large number of in-use printers, scanners and other peripherals that are not compatible with Windows 8, Microsoft will likely continue to struggle to push users to their most current operating system.

Another big date looming for Microsoft

While users of Windows 7 still have five-plus years before Microsoft starts to pull the plug on critical support updates, the next big system end-of-life date for the software giant is July 14, 2015, when it is scheduled to end all security updates and support for Windows Server 2003.

With an estimated 55% of active Windows Servers still running Server 2003, the time is now for users to begin planning their transition to a more current server solution, instead of waiting on Microsoft to make the decision for them.

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