Our Team

  • Mike Finlin
    Mike FinlinCEO

    The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

    • Matt Chambers
      Matt ChambersPresident

      He can restore your entire network while winning at Foosball with the other hand.

      • Wesley Packard
        Wesley PackardDirector of Information Technology

        His office/lab door should read ‘Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here’.

        • Bobbi Jo Allegood
          Bobbi Jo AllegoodDirector of Operations

          One of a kind. Literally.  How many other Bobbi Jo’s do you know?

          • DeWayne Peden
            DeWayne PedenClient Relationship Manager

            Full time Dad, Part time person. He doesn’t need a sword and shield when he has a tie and vest.

            • Cody Shedeck
              Cody ShedeckSenior Support Supervisor

              He is like the wind. You don’t see him coming, and only know he has been there when you find all  your tech problems have been solved.

              • Jason Cross
                Jason CrossSenior System Engineer

                Born on the bayou, raised by a mama bear. 12 cracks in the sidewalk is his current wheelie record.

                • Cody Baird
                  Cody BairdSenior System Engineer

                  He’s more reliable than death and taxes combined.

                  • Sam Thomas
                    Sam ThomasSystem Engineer

                    We’ve never seen him and Captain America in the same place at the same time….

                    • James Pierson
                      James PiersonSystem Engineer

                      He went on a cruise once. The ship was nice gray color, and it was the most interesting three years of his life.

                      • CJ Dela Cruz
                        CJ Dela CruzSystem Engineer

                        Actually at age 7 was the original DJ part of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

                        • David Waltosz
                          David WaltoszSupport Engineer

                          Loves backpacking and Star Wars.  He can tell you what every control in the Millennium Falcon does.

                          • Gene Hively
                            Gene HivelySupport Engineer

                            Not sure if this is him or his daughter, but he is not a fan of green beans; loves to make noises with his baby food then complains when he is still hungry

                            • Chase Crocker
                              Chase CrockerSupport Engineer

                              His IT skills are so sweet his first name might as well be Betty.

                              • Jordan Bagley
                                Jordan BagleySupport Engineer
                                • Jackie Schriefer
                                  Jackie SchrieferWeb Developer

                                  She’s a horse whisperer, but her web pages are on full blast.

                                  • Lyndsay Machado
                                    Lyndsay MachadoAccounts Coordinator

                                    Loves The Golden Girls and bacon. Winner of the World’s Best Wife Award (Category: Nagging). Knows every word to Rapper’s Delight & The Wheels on the Bus.


                                    • Tangela Love
                                      Tangela LoveAdministrative Coordinator

                                      LOVEs books & movies.  How fitting that her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day

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